Machinima – Using Adobe After Effects

When you are creating a machinima independent film, there are a number of different steps that are involved. More specifically there are three levels involved. Basically, this relates to the pre-production, production, and post-production best Adobe After Effects.


Within the pre-production stage of making a machinima film, a number of different things need to occur before moving onto the production phase. Generally, this is the time when all of the planning and preparation takes place

Everything that needs to be done within this time occurs before the actual filming of any kind of footage occurs. Throughout the planning stage of the film, all of the cast and crew need to be decided on. In addition, the backdrops need to be selected in accordance to the story.

Throughout this time, the story is written and a storyboard is created. With a schematic of the story, this should help with the choosing of the characters in addition to any kinds of changes that need to be made. After this stage is completed, then the person is ready to move onto the production stage within their machinima film.


During the production stage, this is when the actual recording of the footage takes place. Often, the amount of money and experience a person has effects the kind of recording they use. Some opt to use the tools available within the game, while others choose to use programs like adobe after effects cs5 and premiere pro.

Throughout the production period, dialogue may or may not occur. Largely, this depends on the type of film. In some cases, the dialogue is not recorded until the post-production stage of the film.


This stage occurs after all of the filming is completed. This is the time that the editing takes place. Additionally, throughout this stage is when changes and additions are made.

Programs such as the adobe applications generally can be used within all areas of production. One of the drawbacks in relation to these types of applications has to do with their price. In addition, there are some people who find them to be more difficult to use.

However, these types of applications offer a lot more options. Generally, most find they are a good investment if they have the money to buy them. Most of the adobe applications offer the ability to plan and import the projects they do.

In addition, adobe after effects offers the ability to modify and adjust images. Additionally, there are a number of animation tools available within the application as well. Within aftereffects, expressions or keyframes are used individually or together in order to animate the layer properties.

The keyframes are used for many different types of properties such as the parameters for audio, effects, and motions. Some of the assorted different animation tools available are the motion blur, smooth motion and velocity. In addition, there are options to add randomness to a property with the wiggler tool. Some other options include the ability to convert audio to keyframes.

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